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The late Dr. Edward Funk, Sc.D., and his late wife Ingeborg founded Superconductive Components, Inc., in 1987. Dr. Funk, formerly a Professor of Metallurgy at The Ohio State University and a successful entrepreneur, envisioned significant market potential for the newly discovered High Temperature Superconductivity (HTS) material YBCO (Tc of 90° K). The Company’s first product was a 99.999% pure, co-precipitated YBCO 1-2-3 powder. Over the years the Company expanded its product line by adding other High Tc Powders, sintered shapes, single crystal substrates, and non-superconducting sputtering targets.

In 1989 Superconductive Components Inc. became a publicly held company and currently trades under the symbol SCIA. The stock continues to trade under this symbol on the OTCBB exchange. Superconductive Components Inc. opened a subdivision, Target Materials Inc. (TMI), in 1991 to supply the increasing worldwide demand for sputtering and laser ablation targets. TMI became a full service manufacturer of high performance thin film materials, providing a wide selection of metals, ceramics, and alloys for sputtering targets, evaporation sources, and other PVD applications. TMI served the R&D as well as the Industrial and Decorative Coating markets. During this time, TMI began to manufacture targets for the Photovoltaic, Flat Panel Display, and Semiconductor industries.

In July of 2002 the Company’s two divisions, Superconductive Components Inc. and Target Materials Inc., were merged. The resulting Company operates under the name SCI Engineered Materials™. The Company began to manufacture complex ceramic, metal, and alloy products for the thin film battery, photovoltaic, media storage, flat panel display, semiconductor, electronic, and photonic industries.

By 2004, the Company needed more space for its growing business, but desired to remain in Columbus, Ohio. Central Ohio is a regional center for materials science expertise due to the presence of The Ohio State University, Case Western Reserve University, the University of Toledo, Battelle Memorial Institute, Edison Welding Institute, NASA-Lewis, the Air Force Research Laboratory, and EMTEC. Other local organizations supporting material science endeavors include The American Ceramic Society, the Orton Foundation, Chemical Abstracts, and OCLC. As a result, the company relocated to a nearby facility with 32,000 ft2 of manufacturing and office space.

In 2010, SCI Engineered Materials™ recieved ISO 9001:2008 registration and had ISO 9001:2000 registration dating back to 2005.

Throughout its history, the Company has conducted funded research primarily under grants from entities such as the Department of Energy, the National Science Foundation, NASA, and the Ohio Department of Development. These activities are generally limited to funded research that is consistent with the Company’s focus on commercial applications in its principal markets.

Over the past two decades, the Company has developed considerable expertise in the development and ramp-up manufacturing of novel materials. Today, SCI Engineered Materials™’ serves a diverse base of domestic and multi-national corporations, universities, and leading research institutions. SCI Engineered Materials™ actively seeks to partner with organizations to provide solutions for difficult material challenges.

On August 22, 2007 the Company's shareholders approved the change of the corporate name to SCI Engineered Materials, Inc. It is consistent with the name that has been used in the Company's marketing since 2003 and is integral to current corporate branding activities. It also reflects the Company's transformation to a more diversified manufacturer of ceramic and metal sputtering targets as well as other industrial applications from a company founded to develop high temperature superconductive materials.

SCI Engineered Materials™ can be reached at the following :

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Phone: (800) 346-6567, (614) 486-0261
Fax: (800) 292-8654, (614) 486-0912

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